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Trump and Kanye Met at The White House And Here's What Went Down

A long-anticipated meeting between President Trump and Kanye West happened at the White House today, as West and NFL Hall-of-Famer Jim Brown visited The President to discuss prison reform, but as tends to happen with Kanye - the conversation traveled to a lot of very different places.

It started with a 10-minute...shall we say "monologue" from Kanye that touched on a number of topics - including praise of Trump's handling of North Korea, West's misdiagnosis with bipolar disorder and his suggestion for a new hydrogen-powered Air Force One.

Kanye's soliloquy was met with admiration from The President, who said simply "That was impressive"

He also went on to say that his MAGA hat made him "Feel like Superman".

The President was equally complimentary of Kanye, calling him a potential Presidential candidate and a "smart cookie".

Perhaps the most important development of the day happened when we learned that Kanye's passcode to his phone is the brilliantly devised "000000".

In the meeting, Kanye went on record with his opinions about gun control...

Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign...

And racial tension between the African-American community and America's police force

The meeting ended with an emotional embrace, and honestly what's sure to be enough memes to last us the next six months.

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