Nashville Schools May No Longer Suspend or Expel Students

Elementary School students in the Metro Nashville Public Schools may no longer be subject to suspension or expulsion as a disciplinary action.

The Nashville Organization for Action and Hope is working with MNPS to potentially implement a policy that would require students to commit a serious offense (assaulting a teacher, for example) to warrant any kind of of out-of-school discipline.

Supporters of the policy say that suspension and expulsion actually isn't a helpful disciplinary action longterm for students, and that studies show that expulsion from school have a higher chance of going to prison as an adult.

Do you think suspension should be banned for younger children?

On one hand, time away from school could certainly limit learning opportunities.  On the other hand, as some on Twitter point out, would this policy essentially show kids that their actions don't have consequences?

And if we don't suspend or expel students for bad behavior...what are some other options for discipline?

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