Mr. Feeny Stopped a Burglar In His Tracks

Best known for tough love, fatherly advice, and being the best teacher ever, William Daniels AKA Mr. Feeny can add one more description to his resume.  LEGENDARY CRIME STOPPER.

Last night police were called to the home of Daniels, who's now 91 years old, and his wife Bonnie Bartlett.  The report states that an intruder had slammed open the back door at around 9:30pm at the couple's home in the San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles.


Daniels responded quickly, turning off the lights and scaring away the burglar before any damage could be done to the home or to either of its residents.

Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT.  Mr. Feeny is a certified bada**, and Will Friedle, who played Eric on Boy Meets World, agrees.

For what it's worth, police don't think that Daniels and his wife were targeted, and instead believe it to be a random break-in.

I'll bet that robber got a stern talking to and a memorable life lesson out of his actions.

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