Uber and Lime Offering Free Election Day Rides

With tomorrow being Midterm Elections all around the country, many of us are planning our day around exercising our Constitutional right to vote.

But if transportation (or a lack thereof) is getting in the way of you voting, a few companies are here to help make it easier for you.

Getty Images/Blend Images - Hill Street Studios

Uber is teaming up with #VoteTogether and Democracy Works to offer free rides to any polling place. If you're already an Uber user, promo codes will be sent out tomorrow.

LIME - yes, those lime green scooters that you see people riding poorly down the sidewalks of Broadway - is offering free rides tomorrow for voting purposes.  You can use the promo code LIME2VOTE18 within the app to have free access to a scooter to and from a polling place, up to 30 minutes.

Lyft is offering 50% off all rides to and from polling places, and in certain areas will offer free rides.  You'll only need to have the Lyft app to qualify.

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