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Nashville Man Has Cops Called On Him For Quoting Jay-Z

A dude in my hometown of Spring Hill had the cops called to his house over a Jay-Z lyric.

According to TMZ, Davon Eddington was in his backyard on the phone.  He and his brother were talking about LeBron James and the L.A. Lakers.

According to Davon, his brother called him a bandwagon Lakers fan, to which Davon replied "I got 99 Problems, but a b***h ain't one", quoting of course the iconic Jay-Z song.

Getty Images/Kevin Mazur

A neighbor overheard the conversation and, obviously, isn't familiar with Jay-Z's work.  He became very concerned for the man's wife, and called the police to report domestic violence.  The police showed up with guns drawn, only to find out that it was a clear misunderstanding.

Okay, I love where I live, but this is the most Spring Hill thing to ever happen.  Spring Hill is AWESOME, but there's a LOT of conservative older folks down there, and I could absolutely see one of them being alarmed by Jay-Z's lyric and thinking something was up.


Obviously no charges were pressed, but Davon has a story for the grandkids in a few years for sure.

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