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The Best Black Friday Deals Are On This Product

Thinking about standing in a long line to get deals on Black Friday? Maybe it's best to skip the electronics.  According to the website, those items will be discounted on average about 25% in 2018...good for the 10th best category for discounts.

Getty Images/Mike Kemp

Instead, it says, go for jewelry, which by far has the deepest discount - on average 73% cheaper this Friday than normal prices.

That's CRAZY.

To put that in perspective, the #2 category (books, movies, and music) is discounted on average about 48% from normal retail prices.

Here's the rest of the list:

3.  Consumer packaged goods . . . 46% off.  Meaning stuff we buy and replace all the time.  So, that would be things like paper towels and bottled water.

4.  Video games . . . 39%.

5.  Furniture . . . 37%.

6.  Toys . . . 37%.

7.  Clothes and accessories . . . 33%.

8.  Appliances . . . 30%.

9.  Consumer electronics, like TVs and speakers . . . 26%.

10.  Computers and phones . . . 25%.  

So, if you're going to stand in a long line on Black Friday, maybe you should be looking for a diamond necklace instead of a new iPhone   

Happy Shopping!

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