'Friends' Won't Leave Netflix in 2019 After All

Let's be honest, we've all done this.  You go to Netflix, determined to find something new and amazing to binge-watch for the next few hours.  After 30 minutes of endless scrolling to no avail, you decide to start Friends from the beginning for the 38th time instead.

But fans of the popular show went into panic mode when earlier today, at least for a short period of time, that it would be leaving Netflix on January 1st, leaving viewers with (GASP!) only 28 more days to enjoy The One Where (Insert Your Favorite Episode Title Here).

Needless to say, loyal fans weren't happy about the possibility of not being able to fall back on their go-to show ever again, and they LET NETFLIX HAVE IT.

Well, thankfully, Netflix paid attention to your demands, and just a few hours later assured the masses that yes, in fact, Friends would still be available to watch over and over again, even after the New Year.

Now, they better have learned their lesson this time.  Don't EVER do that to The Office, Netflix.  I will come for you.

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