Here's How To Get Free Starbucks Every Day in January

Ok so maybe the Starbucks is not completely free but it kinda is... let me explain. 

They are selling a brand new silver cup that will allow you to get free coffee every day during the month of January. 

The cup is stainless steel and costs $40. I mean it is pretty festive and you'll be able to fill it up with coffee or tea every single day during January! I know it sounds a little pricey but if you go to Starbucks every day it's really worth it. 

An average grande cup of coffee costs about $2.10 so if you go all 31 days of the month that would be about $65 so they $40 cup is worth it!

So be on the look out for this silver cup of you love free coffee! Oh, and also, 'tis the season for giving so convince someone to buy the cup FOR you and then it's REALLY free coffee!

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