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Snoop Dogg Offers To Adopt Abandoned Dog Named Snoop

On Christmas Eve, Rachel Butler's tweet went viral.

It's not about the holidays, it's not about the presents under the tree or tracking Santa.  Instead, Rachel shared CCTV footage of a man stopping on the side of a road, leaving a dog, and running back to his car.  The dog furiously chases the car as long as it can before the man speeds off into the night, leaving his former pet abandoned and homeless.

Rachel, who works with the RSPCA (the British version of ASPCA), had her tweet shared nearly 2,000 times, capturing the attention of media outlets across the world.

The dog, who the shelter named Snoop, was picked up and is currently being held at a shelter and being prepared for the adoption process.

While Snoop will obviously have plenty of new homes available to him, one in particular is notable.  Snoop Dogg, a known animal advocate, offered to re-home Snoop if the RSPCA struggles to place him elsewhere.

In an interview with the Daily Starhe says "There is always room for another dog in Casa de Snoop. If he really needed a home then he has one with us".

It probably won't happen, as I'm sure the RSPCA will find a great home closer in England, but what a match it would be! Snoop Dogg and his dog Snoop.  

The children's book writes itself.

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