Man Battling Depression Spreads Love At Busy Intersection

A man in my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama battling depression has decided to combat his struggle by spreading positive messages to others.

Caleb Snell has been spotted at a busy intersection around Huntsville holding up signs with messages like "You Are Loved" and "The World Is Better With You In It".

The intersection of University Drive and Jordan Lane is one of the most high traffic areas in Huntsville (compare it to Harding Place and Nolensville Pike here in Nashville). Snell says he took up the signs last year when he was battling depression, as a way of reminding himself that he is loved.

"If you're struggling, feeling inadequate or unworthy, or whatever the case is, try loving on someone else and I promise you, the love that you get will come back 10 fold," he says.

Love this message and love that it's happening so close to where I went to high school! #YouAreLoved 

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