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Uber Looking Into Self-Driving Scooters and Bikes

Self-driving cars are already a thing. Domino's has already been testing out a self-driving delivery service.

Domino's Self-Driving Car Delivers Pizza in Las Vegas (VIDEO) - Thumbnail Image

Domino's Self-Driving Car Delivers Pizza in Las Vegas (VIDEO)

So it stands to reason that Uber would be researching the self-driving business...although it may not be for the reason you think.

No, self-driving Uber transport won't be a thing just yet, but they ARE looking into self-driving technology for their bike and scooter service, called JUMP.

If you've never heard of JUMP, you're forgiven.  It's only in a few select cities around the country right now, although there have been rumors of it coming to Nashville soon.

The concept isn't's a scooter and bike rental service that operates much like Lime or Bird, which are already around Music City.

The difference, if Uber utilizes self-driving, is that the scooters and bikes may drive themselves to charging stations or better locations.

Does it mean we could be on our way to being able to just jump on an Uber scooter and let it take us where we want? Maybe. And could this be the beginning of self-driving Uber cars? Absolutely it could. But, at least in the immediate future, you'll just have to settle for getting in some stranger's car to take you where you want to go.

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