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Here's what a $75K Salary Can Buy You in Nashville

So what do you think a $75,000 annual salary will get you in Nashville?

In the not-so-distant past, that kind of salary could afford you a pretty comfortable living in Music City.  But according to a Buzzfeed study, that might not be the case anymore.

Getty Images/Bloomberg

The person they interviewed in Nashville, 32-year old Bonnie, rents a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom, 650-square foot house at a cost of $1,300/month.  She says: 

I just moved to Nashville a few months ago. It’s a very interesting time to be living here because so many people are moving here and the cost of living is increasing dramatically. I just read that, to live comfortably in Nashville, you need to make at least $70,000. I lived here about five years ago and the rent has doubled since then.

Bonnie goes on to say that her housing costs aren't much lower than whenever she lived in Boston, which is crazy to think considering where this city was just a few years ago.

Buzzfeed also interviewed residents making $75K a year in Fort Worth, San Francisco, New York, Orange County, and Grand Blanc, Michigan.

It's a pretty eye-opening article, especially in the midst of lots of local conversation about rising housing costs.  Check out the full article here

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