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Here's All The Things Adam Levine's Halftime Show Outfit Looked Like

Sunday night's game can be described using pretty much one word...


The game was super boring (actually the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history).

The halftime show left a lot to be desired - Cardi B didn't show up, the Spongebob appearance was only like 2 seconds, and Travis Scott didn't propose to Kylie Jenner.

But there are two things that happened that EVERYONE is talking about - Adam Levine's nipples...and Adam Levine's shirt.

I don't want to talk about nipples, so let's focus on the shirt. Here's the article of clothing in question.

It's um....well, it's rather geometric in nature. And brown. Very....very...brown.

So, because the internet was bored with the game, many took advantage of their free time by finding things that the shirt looked like. And the results did NOT disappoint.

For example, our very own Woody figured out that Adam may have stolen his look from the world-famous BNA Carpet.

Other users found pieces of furniture and home decor around their house that bore a striking resemblance to Adam's choice of wardrobe.

Even kitchen towels could have served as inspiration...

EVERYONE apparently has a pillow that looks like Adam Levine

Well, it turns out, Adam's shirt WAS actually designed by someone that makes furniture!!!

Adam's tanktop featured a print by Verner Panton...a renowned Danish furniture designer who died in 1998.

So yes, Adam dressed as your couch cushions for the Super Bowl. Like, for real.


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