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A Teacher Gave His Students An Assignment To Help Him Meet Katy Perry

With 180 million combined Twitter and Instagram followers, Katy Perry probably sees her name tweeted hundreds of thousands of times per day. But it's one viral tweet from a high school student in California that's the most likely to get her attention right now.

The student, not expecting the tweet to go viral, simply shared an extra credit assignment that his teacher, Brian Kwan, gave to his government class.

Simply put, Mr. Kwan offered an A+ to any student who could convince Katy Perry to come to his classroom, and an automatic B+ to anyone who could get her to record a video saying his name.

And as innocent and quirky as this might be, people are PISSED.

Guys....CALM DOWN.

1) Katy Perry isn't showing up in that classroom.

2) He's having fun with his class and doing something to capture their attention, which is SUPER hard to do being a high school teacher. Mr. Kwan is having to defend the assignment as just a fun extra to engage with his class.

"Students were not required to do any part of this. They can earn their grade based on their own merit of hard work and exams," he said. "If something comes out of this, cool! If not, hey a person can dream, right? Like I tell my students, dream big [and] shoot for the stars."

Hopefully Mr. Kwan keeps having fun with his class and doesn't get discouraged by people taking things WAY too seriously.

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