Metro Nashville Teachers Feed Hungry Students On 'Rain Day'

Guys, THIS is why teachers need to be paid more than they are.

Nicole Vaughn is a local MNPS teacher who works with parent volunteers to send home snack bags every weekend to food insecure children in their school. 1 out of 4 children in the Nashville Metro are food insecure, meaning they lack reliable access to a sufficient quantity of nutritious food. Vaughn and her parent volunteers work to send snack bags home so that those kids - many of which rely on school lunches to provide their only hot meal of the day - have sufficient food to eat over the weekend at home.

Yesterday afternoon, MNPS proactively cancelled classes on Friday due to the threat of severe flooding. Where as many educators would immediately be grateful for the day off, Vaughn's first thought was about the 40 snack bags that hadn't been sent home, and those 40 students that might not get enough food over the long weekend.

So she took action, along with a thoughtful parent in the food pantry. Instead of enjoying the 'rain day' today, Vaughn and Theresa Rasmussen made sure that these kids were taken care of, making their "Blessing Box" food pantry available for kids that needed to get their bags.

Kudos to Nicole and the hundreds of educators who think about our kids before themselves. Thank you for being you!!

Check out the full story and pics from FOX17 Nashville here

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