Mom Makes Kids "Turn In" Their Phones Before Visiting Her Kids

It's 2019, and it's safe to say that the vast majority of Americans prefer texting, tweeting, and snapping as opposed to real face-to-face human interaction. And one mom (and author) Glennon Doyle has a pretty radical way to get her kids and their friends to put down the phones....she takes them away.

I love my kids’ friends so much that I want them to talk to each other at our house. So Abby and I have them check their phones at the door. Which we can do cause we’re the bosses of this house. They all act exasperated but seem interestingly relieved. Then, after a minute, they look at each other. And talk. And dance and laugh and stuff. And they remember that they are with their friends so there is no need to be anywhere else.

Some parents LOVE the idea and, in fact, want to implement it in their own homes

Others, however, are concerned that their kids would be unable to contact them in an emergency if their phone is away from them. And quite a few comments point to this being a misuse of adult authority.

What do you think of the "no phones" rule? Would it make for a better experience for your kids? Or is it overextending a parent's role in their child's lives?

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