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Shane Dawson Says He Didn't Have Sex With His Cat

This is Shane Dawson.

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Shane is a YouTube star with over 21 million subscribers to his channel, 17 million Twitter and Instagram followers, and a podcast with millions of listens per week.

He's also the guy that perpetuated that weird "Chuck E. Cheese Recycles It's Uneaten Pizza" conspiracy a couple months back.

Conspiracy Theory About Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Has Gone Viral - Thumbnail Image

Conspiracy Theory About Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Has Gone Viral

Well, in said podcast, Shane claimed that he's done terrible things to his pets, including a graphic story about dry-humping his cat.

That's correct. In a since deleted episode of his podcast, Shane claims that he once humped his cat and THAT....on his cat.

Naturally, the internet went CRAZY, so much so that Shane trended nationally and the hashtag #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty went nuts.

So Shane did what any cat-humping YouTuber would do...he backpedaled and apologized, claiming that the story was a sketch and never actually happened.

But, like, bro....why would you even DREAM UP that story!?!? Like...that's messed up. In what world is humping a cat funny?


I have questions.

Anyway, Shane apologized, and we'll see if people forgive him or not.

Either way, hide yo cats.

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