This Might Be Your New Favorite Instagram Spot in Nashville

Batey Farms in Murfreesboro has been around for years...literally....the farm has been in the same family for eight generations.

Their calling card is farm-raised pork, and they boast a year round farm store as well. Plus, in the springtime, there's all sorts of fresh berries for the picking.

But, come July, Batey Farms may just be the most Instagrammable spot in Nashville, because SUNFLOWERS!

The season varies, but typically around the first of July, the sunflowers are in full bloom....and I mean FULL BLOOM.

Look at this scene!

The farm will allow you to pick or cut the sunflowers, or just come out and enjoy them (and take some pretty dope Instagram pics)

Batey Farms is located at 5331 Baker Road in Murfreesboro, and you can check out everything they offer here.

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