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Billie Eilish Samples 'The Office' In New Song

If you haven't heard of Billie Eilish, you should probably educate yourself. She has the #1 album in the world, hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, and a summer tour that sold out in a matter of minutes.

She's kind of a big deal.

Getty Images/Tony Barson

But what you may NOT know about Billie is that she's a huge fan (aren't we all?) of the TV series The Office.

So much so that she sometimes comes out on stage to the theme song from the show

And so much so that she actually samples an episode of the show in one of the songs from her new album, When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

The beat to the song "my strange addiction" apparently reminded Billie of the infamous "Scarn Dance" from Michael Scott's legendary Threat Level Midnight movie.

Remember this?

Yeah, it's pretty epic.

Well, Billie's song DOES sound a little bit like the Scarn Dance...and since she's such a huge fan of the show, she wanted to use some of the dialogue from that episode over the intro.

And to do that, she got permission from EVERYONE involved in the episode.

Literally, the whole cast had to sign off on it. Thankfully, they're fans of Billie's as well, and because of that we got pure MAGIC....The Office is now part of a #1 album.

Thank God for you, Billie Eilish.

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