Notre Dame Cathedral Is On Fire

Breaking now (12:27pm CST), the world famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is on fire.

No one's sure what happened, but people nearby have caught some pretty startling pictures and videos

Crews have been trying to save some of the historic holy relics inside the church, but at this point there are no signs that the fire is being contained.

Officials do NOT believe the fire in the 12th century Cathedral is the result of terrorism, and while there is no word on what might have sparked the fire, the church has recently been undergoing renovation.

[UPDATE @ 1:19pm CST)

Twitter user Hash Miser caught the moment that famed spire at Notre Dame Cathedral fell. Heartbreaking:

UPDATE (4:38pm CT) According to CNN, the two iconic towers that are part of Notre Dame's main structure are "safe" as the fire begins to cool. Another positive note - all of the priceless artifacts inside the cathedral, including the artwork and the piece of Jesus' Crown of Thorns, were safely removed from the building. While it's a devastating fire for sure, it's clear that it could have been much worse. Kudos to the firefighters who have been working for hours to get it under control and save what could be saved.

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