Nashville SC Offering $5 Tickets for Nationally Televised Game

If you've been to a Nashville SC game, you know that the atmosphere is INSANE

The city's attachment to a relatively new professional soccer team is a testament to how Nashvillians basically can make anything AWESOME. I mean, we doubled the best ever NFL Draft last weekend.

Well, the soccer community nationally has taken notice, and Nashville SC's game next Wednesday against Tampa Bay will be the first ever USL game to be televised nationally, on ESPN2.

And, to make it even better, you can get tickets for just 5 bucks!

So, you can take your family to four to the game for like 20 bucks!!

They're standing-room only tickets, but let's be honest. Once you get to First Tennessee Park, you won't need to sit down anyway.

Just go to this link and use the promo code SRO5 to get the five dollar tickets. Pick 'em up and let's show the country just how awesome Nashville is (again)! The game is Wednesday night at 7:00pm.

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