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Nashville City Council Hopeful Wants To Ban Scooters

It's no secret that the hottest topic in Nashville has shifted from bachelorrette parties on Pedal Taverns to tourists on scooters.

A local lawyer would very much like to end the scooter problem once and for all...and he's running for city council based SOLELY on that platform.

Getty Images/Horacio Villalobos

Adam Dread, who served on City Council from 2002 to 2007, is running again on the single platform of ridding the city of scooters.

He tells The Tennessean "There are 4,000 of these things. They are an invasive species. Somebody has to do something about them. I have to walk over them in front of Biscuit Love and all those places in my neighborhood. They just drop them on the ground, it's unbelievable".

The announcement is on the heels of the first scooter-related death in Nashville - a man on a scooter rode right in front of an SUV on Demonbreun this weekend and was hit and killed. Even Shawn Mendes got in a scooter accident while he was in Nashville last fall.

Look, let's be real. The problem isn't scooters. The problem is people acting like idiots on scooters. They're honestly kind of fun, and with traffic in Downtown Nashville being terrible, it's a lot of times quicker and safer to jump on one of those things to get around than to try to drive and park.

Do we need better regulations? Definitely. Some way to keep drunk people from hopping on one and causing an accident? Absolutely. Do we need to ban the device itself? I don't think so.

But we'll see if Adam Dread gets elected and gets his way. The Metro election takes place August 1st.

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