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Amazon Is Basically Making a Mood Ring

Amazon is about to enter the wearables game, but it's not for a watch like their competitors offer.

The company is working with several developers on a wrist-worn mood detection device, that can determine your emotional state based on the sound and tone of your voice.

Getty Images/NurPhoto

What happens after this thing detects your mood, we're not super sure about. There's a rumor that maybe the app attached to it can share ways on how to more effectively communicate with others that day.

That said - it's Alexa-enabled and tied to could it potentially use your mood to detect what items on Amazon may be relevant to you that day? Or even reccommend things based off your conversations?

I know that's a super Orwellian, "big brother is watching" conspiracy theory, but would it surprise you if that was the goal?

Anyway, Amazon hasn't shared any information about an exact timetable for the wearable, but as quickly as they move you can, I'm sure, expect prototypes sooner rather than later.

Here's a few more details about the device if you care to read on.

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