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McDonald's Is Opening A Store For Bees

McDonald's has gotten so popular that even the animal kingdom is eating there.

In Sweden, the company has opened a number of stores for bees, and plans to continue building them.

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Now, before you laugh this off as a bad SNL bit, there's a pretty great reason behind this.

Depending on how many Netflix documentaries or Discovery Channel shows you watch, you may know how endangered the world's bee population is becoming. Their numbers are declining at an alarming rate. Heck, even Black Mirror touched on it a couple of seasons ago. This is a MAJOR problem because bees pollinate an enormous amount (about 80%) of the world's crops.

A few McDonald's franchisees in Sweden took notice and started placing beehives on the rooftops of their restaurants. The company saw what was happening and decided "Hey, let's make this a thing!"

So they hired a carpenter to build specialty beehives - in the shape of McDonald's restaurants - and the detail is honestly kind of astounding. Check out the video below for an idea of what they look like.

The bees seem to be "lovin' it" and the restaurants are doing their part to help the sustainability of the population. So what seems like a joke is actually a pretty cool step in the right direction for the future of the planet.

Way to go, McDonald's!

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