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Are Pogo Sticks the Next Bird Scooter?

Bird scooters came bursting onto the scene in Nashville right around this time last year, with hundreds of them popping up all around town. Since then, they've been the subject of a number of controversies, most recently resulting in a push by the Mayor to ban the popular transportation rentals.

And if he gets his way, we'll all be relegated back to Ubers, bike rentals, and (GASP!) walking....unless this Swedish company's alternative takes off.

Meet the Cangoroo e-pogo stick.

Yes, a pogo stick just like the ones you bounced on as a little kid.

Yes, because if scooters aren't enough of a safety hazard, surely people bouncing around on difficult-to-balance pogo sticks won't be a problem, right?

The company hopes to launch this summer in two European cities, but soon start up in London and San Francisco as well. Cangoroo will work just like Bird and'll have an app on your phone that allows you to unlock the pogo stick and rent it for a period of time.

Look, I'm all about finding cool ways to get around...but is ANYONE good at pogo sticks? And how is this any more effective than walking? Not only is it harder to pogo than to walk...I can't imagine it's that much faster either. And can you imagine all the drunk tourists pogo-sticking down Broadway? Oof.

Let's hope this doesn't get off the ground here any time soon.

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