Marijuana-Themed Restaurant May Be Coming To Nashville

Cheba Hut, a national sandwich chain with a "counter-culture" theme, could be coming to Nashville soon.

Currently the chain is in eight states, mostly out west, but is eyeing locations in SEC college towns including Little Rock, Atlanta, and Nashville.

Cheba Hut sells "toasted" subs, craft beers, and Rice Krispie treats (YESSS!!!) in an environment that's

To be clear, Cheba Hut doesn't ACTUALLY sell anything with marijuana in's just a theme for the restaurant. Menu categories include "munchies", "cottonmouth cures", and "greens" and items include the Kush (BLT), Dank (Pizza Sub), and Magic Mushroom (Portabella) with drinks called the Hot Box, the Hash Can, and the Dirty Hippie.

No word on if Cheba Hut will actually open a location, but they say that Vanderbilt University is at the "top of its list" when trying to expand.

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