A Tiny Home Hotel Is Being Built in Nashville

It's no secret that hotels are going up by the dozen in Nashville, as tourism continues to boom and demand for rooms and AirBnBs grows exponentially.

A new company is getting into the hospitality business...but it's not Marriott or Hyatt or some fancy boutique hotel.

It's New Frontier Tiny Homes. Yep, as in tiny homes like you see on HGTV.

The company is planning to open a six-home "luxury tiny house hotel" in East Nashville, potentially as early as this fall.

Each home in the Stay: New Frontier hotel will be 275-375 square feet, with two beds per home. They'll be very carefully designed with a Nashville-centric theme in mind.

The company hopes that not only will the hotel showcase the benefits of tiny house living, but offer a unique alternative to an expensive hotel or an AirBnB.

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