[VIDEO]: A Carnival Ride in Panama City Snapped With Passengers On It

A Florida amusement park narrowly skated a tragedy when the popular sling shot ride had a bungee snap with riders on it. Watch the scary video!

Panama City Beach is a busy tourist beach destination, with loads of fun things to get into. One popular spot is the Cobra Adventure Park where they have the heart racing sling shot ride they call "Vertical Accelerator". In a shocking video going viral, two riders prepare to be slung into the air at super speed when, out of nowhere, the bungee cord holding the cage shreds and snaps.

Investigators are looking into the maintenance records of the ride and what caused the snap. It is closed until further notice. Had those riders been mid-air when that snapped, this would've been a whole lot more tragic, I'm sure.

Thankfully no one got hurt, but I think if this was me I would be DONE riding rides for a while.

Here's what it's supposed to do btw....

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