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What's Going On With the Jonas Brothers And Diplo!?!

The Jonas Brothers' Instagram page has been the talk of the world today.

No, Nick didn't post a shirtless pic.

Instead, it appears their page has been hacked by...


In a series of seemingly random posts this afternoon, the JoBros have posted pictures of Hanson, a back (or belly, we can't really tell) tattoo, and several shots of the world-renowned DJ...all with instructions to follow Diplo on Instagram.

But the brothers claim to have no knowledge of what's happening on their account...

Meanwhile, Diplo himself is claiming to be behind the odd posts

What's going on here!??! Do you think Diplo is really just trolling the Jonas Brothers? Or are they teaming together to troll the world?

Maybe a collab?

I guess we'll keep refreshing Instagram until we find out.

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