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There's A New Song "Peppa Pig" And It's Everything You Would Hope For

You may not immediately know the name Leyla Blue - she's an artist signed to Island Records - but if my gut is correct she'll be a household name in 2020, thanks in a large part to the song she just released today.

It's called "Peppa Pig".

In case you're not in the know on Nick Jr. cartoons, Peppa Pig is one of the most popular kids' cartoons out there. The British animated series, according to Wikipedia "revolves around Peppa, an ananthropomorphic female pig, and her family and peers."

Well, if you think the song is a cute children's anthem, think again....

But it IS as amazing as you would hope a song about Peppa Pig is. Leyla teased it on her Instagram yesterday:

And then unleashed the whole wonderful song on the world for New Music Friday.

And you're welcome for that.

I mean COME ON....some of these lyrics!?!?

"I'm like H-I-J-K-M-N-O-P cause I don't take no Ls"

"I'm a Macbook Pro and ya'll a bunch of f***in Dells"

Tell me that you won't be screaming those lyrics after 2 glasses of wine on a Friday night.

BTW Leyla actually IS a talented singer and artist with a unique perspective and voice, as you can see from this acoustic peformance of her single "Silence"

Maybe the song is cheesy. Maybe it's a novelty. But it's catchy af and I'm calling it right now.

"Peppa Pig" is going to be one of the biggest viral songs of the year. Just watch.

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