This Little Kid's Heavy Metal Song About Chicken Nuggets Is A MOOD

No matter what your religious affiliation, political party, or life preferences, there is one thing that virtually everyone in the world can agree on.

Chicken Nuggets are AWESOME.

Parents of small children know that kids, especially, think that chicken nuggets are awesome.

And a kid named Cannon Regan in Alabama is taking his love of chicken nuggets to a whole new a song.

He and his dad wrote the lyrics, and his dad added the instrumentation to this future #1 masterpiece.

The lyrics...well, I think we can all relate.

I want chicken nuggets
I want them now
Give Me Sauce
Honey Mustard
Give Me Drink
I want chicken nuggets
I want them now, yeah

Yes, Cannon. YES.

And also, mad respect for the cow shirt.

Now give me some chicken nuggets.