Krispy Kreme Delivery Starts Saturday

Saturday is gonna be a pretty amazing day in Nashville.

It's Leap Day....which happens once every four years.

It's Opening Day for Nashville's new MLS team at Nissan Stadium.

And Krispy Kreme will start offering delivery

There's two catchers here though. One - you have to live within 10 miles of a Krispy Kreme location. For those of us in the Nashville metro, that's pretty easy, but there are definitely areas in the 'burbs that wouldn't qualify.

Secondly, there's a $5 delivery charge, which is only slightly less than the cost of a dozen glazed doughnuts ($7.99). So, kind of like with Postmates, you better get your money's worth so you don't feel bad about that five bucks. Perhaps, buy some extra doughnuts and deliver them to your favorite radio station? We wouldn't be mad at it!

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