'The Office' is Becoming a Children's Book

The Office is the best series in the history of television, and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. Don't @ me.

And now, even though it's been off the air for seven years, a whole new generation is about to discover the greatness of Dunder Mifflin -- in the form of a children's book.

Available through pre-order now, "A Day at Dunder Mifflin" tells the story of young Michael Scott on his quest to be the "world's best line leader".

According to the official website, the book will be "Filled with fan-favorite characters and hilarious references to the acclaimed TV show, this storybook is an age-appropriate way for fans of The Office to share their love with the whole family, just in time for the series’ 15th anniversary".


The book won't come out until October 2020, but you better believe this is going to become my 4-year old's favorite.

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