Couple Gets Engaged In What's Left Of Nashville Apartment

There is no doubt that the entirety of Middle Tennessee is feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted after the horrifying tornado outbreak that spanned 60 miles across four counties last Tuesday.

But, here's a story that proves that yes, something beautiful can indeed come from something so terrible.

Caitlin Parson is a hair stylist in Germantown. Her apartment at Germantown Place, where she's lived for ten years, was hit by the EF-2 tornado that hit that area. This weekend, she and her boyfriend Buster Hughes went to clear out her belongings and say goodbye to her home. While there, however, Buster dropped to one the shell of her ask for her hand in marriage.

In the Instagram post, Caitlin says:

I can’t really make out any words right now. This was more than a home to me... I’m still in shock from that night that we almost lost our lives and Buster saved me. As I was breaking down saying our final goodbye to this place that we loved so much, the man I love with all my heart got down on one knee and proposed to me. He said he knew how much this home meant to me and wanted the last moment to be a positive memory. I can’t think of a better soulmate to weather life’s storms with. Buster you have shown me how deep love is and we are so blessed to have one another. I love you.

In a post made just a few days later, Caitlin thanked the Nashville community for all of their love and support over the last few days.

While the emotions of last Tuesday night are still very raw, I hope this was a needed reminder that love and hope will conquer everything. Congratulations Caitlin and Buster!

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