Here's How To Get A Free At-Home Cooking Kit For Your Kids

Parents that suddenly find themselves stuck at home trying to keep their kids entertained, rejoice!!

An online cooking company called Raddish is offering free cooking kits through their website, and all you have to do is pay a few bucks in shipping

The launched the program last Friday with 10,000 kits, but due to overwhelming demand are shipping out another 25,000 kits as of today (March 19th).

The cooking kit includes (3) recipe guides, a culinary activity, one kid-friendly kitchen tool, an iron-on patch, and a book of conversation starters.

The recipes are themed off of either Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, gameday parties, or "cosmic cuisine" and dishes range from pasta salad to pancakes to turkey noodle soup. They're all kid-friendly, fun to make, and include activities to get your kid excited about helping in the kitchen!

Order your free cooking kit here, and if you really love Raddish, you can become a member and get kits sent to you every month -- even after everything returns to normal.

Getty Images/Catherine Delahaye

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