Watch Out For Stimulus Check Scams

As if the financial toll of the COVID-19 outbreak isn't already significant enough, the Better Business Bureau is reporting lots of scams related to the recently passed government stimulus package.

Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

Late last night Congress passed a record $2 Trillion Stimulus package to help small businesses, corporations, and individuals through the virtual economic shutdown being forced by the COVID-19 outbreak. As a part of that package, many Americans will receive a check for $1,200 to help with basic expenses through this time.

Unfortunately, some companies are trying to take advantage of the situation by scamming Americans out of their information via social media or text. BBB President and CEO of Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, Robyn Householder, says "the government will never communicate with you via a text or social media. So, that's a big flag right away."

Basically, if you get a text or social media related to the stimulus plan, DO NOT RESPOND, and instead report it to the Better Business Bureau here.

Stay safe, friends!

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