Nashville Area Publix Decorates With "Thank You" Signs

Grocery stores are sort of ground zero for the COVID-19 panic, with empty shelves, long lines, and stressed/angry customers freaking out.

So it's nice to see some good news in a grocery store right here in the Nashville area.

Publix in Berry Farms (off Peytonsville Road in Franklin) has been decorated by patrons...with thank you signs!!

Customers are bringing in signs showing their support for the grocery store workers that are keeping those shelves stocked, the lines moving, and keeping us all fed and safe through this weird time.

Krysta Merrill-Bonney, who hatched the idea, says “It was special to know my neighborhood was willing to stand with me to show kindness, appreciation, love and most of all unity …which is what we all are needing right now.”

Want another way to say thanks to the unsung heroes out there making a difference? Call our Unsung Heroes Hotline at (629)-777-6850 and leave a message to put out over the air, or submit someone for recognition here!

THANK YOU to everyone on the front lines - healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, first responders, grocery store workers, gas station attendants, mail carriers, and more!!

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