Music Students Play Virtual Concert for Tennessee's Elderly

With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping people in their homes, especially those that may be considered high-risk, people are seeking out entertainment in brand new ways.

Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music - which offers conservatory-caliber classes for undergraduate students of all ages - is offering seniors virtual concerts with their students via Zoom.

Performers range from 5-year olds to current Vandy college students with a wide variety of instruments - piano, flute, violin, and cello. They hear about potential audience members by word of mouth, and a caretaker is only needed to connect the call via a videoconferencing app. If you have a loved one that you'd like to set up a classical music performance for, you can contact the coordinator of the program Zack Ebin at

Students also perform twice a week for local assisted living facility Abe's Garden. What a great way to share talent in a time where public performances aren't allowed!

For more about the program, check out the recent article from The Tennessean here.

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