MNPS To Provide Laptops To All Public School Students

With uncertainty still surrounding the 2020-21 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Metro Nashville Public Schools is taking a huge step to make sure their students are fully equipped to handle whatever learning looks like in the fall.

Mayor John Cooper announced that, as part of the state funding received due to the CARES Act, MNPS would be providing laptops and internet connectivity for every public school and charter school student in the district that needs it.

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In a statement, Cooper says "The coronavirus has highlighted a vast digital divide in our community. Those who do not have the means to continue their education, engage with their teachers and peers, and benefit from free programs offered by Metro and our partners are placed at a clear, and early, disadvantage. We are making an historic investment in our public school students and empowering our educators to help bridge the digital divide that most often affects MNPS families in Nashville's historically underserved neighborhoods."

Dell Computers will provide up to 90,000 laptops for students, and the funding will also provide up to 17,000 internet hotspots for families that do not have internet connectivity at home.

Additionally, The Mayor will hold a press conference on Tuesday announcing MNPS's plans for the upcoming shchool year.

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