Would You Eat Mac and Cheese From a Tap?

I'm telling you right now I'm not sure if this is real. And while part of me wants to believe it is, part of me is horrified and disgusted at how unsanitary this probably is.


Stouffer's could be developing a mac-and-cheese tap. As in, a beer tap...but instead of beer it pours macaroni and cheese.

Originally a reporter in Cleveland tweeted about the development. A bunch of news stations picked it up, but the story was deleted. Then, well, there's THIS guy...

And Stouffer's reply to this guy...

All of which provides me with more questions than answers. I tend to believe this is probably fake, but if it's real...would you eat mac-and-cheese from a tap? Would you have done it before COVID?

This just seems...sketchy to me. But I mean, it's America. If you want to pour yourself a glass of mac and cheese, I won't judge you for it.

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