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KFC Is 3-D Printing Chicken Nuggets??

3D printing has taken off over the last couple of years, with companies worldwide 3-D printing everything from clothes to bikes and more.

But 3-D printed chicken nuggets?

Yeah, evidently this is a thing.

Getty Images/SOPA Images

Fast food giant KFC says they've partnered with a Russian 3D printing company to create "the meat of the future" using chicken cells and plant material. They claim that these 3D-printed nuggets will be "as close as possible in both taste and appearance" to the original nuggets.

It sounds super weird, but the company claims that getting rid of the additives used in traditional farming will actually result in a "cleaner" meat product...even though it's not really meat...and will also cut down on harm to animals.

But here's my problem. Well, two problems. I'm sorry, but I don't believe that you can PRINT food that tastes like food. Technology is awesome but come on....there's no way, right?

More importantly, do we have ANY idea what the longterm side effects of eating 3D printed meat would be? Sure, we'd be spared the additives and preservatives...but wouldn't our bodies miss the protein that we get from eating real chicken? Would there be complications from whatever is used to 3D print this "biomeat"?

Being ecofriendly and saving animals is a worthy cause, but I'm not sure I can get on board with eating my meat off of a printer.

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