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You Can Send Your Friends A Potato With Your Face On It

I ran across this in my endless hours of scrolling through social media and did a double-take. Did I just see a potato with someone's face on it?

::scrolls back up::

Yep, and this is a real company. That sells potatoes. With faces.

It's overpriced, and REALLY stupid, but in a year where we're all bored and looking for ways to interact with our friends, why not?

The company is AnonymousPotato, and for 15 bucks you can mail your friend a potato with a face on it - yours or someone else's.

There are so many uses for this service, honestly.

Use it to celebrate a milestone...

They only have EYES for each other....HA, get it?

Hey, maybe you can commemorate your favorite musician or actor

David Bowie should be honored by this dedication.

Faces aren't your thing? Okay, well you can just send a potato with a message written on it

I have no idea who thought this was a good idea, but to be fair...THEY'RE RIGHT.

The website also has all sorts of potato-related merch and gifts, but I'm really only interested in the potatoes.

Merry Christmas to all of my know what you're getting.

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