Bachelorette Party Defies Restaurant Restrictions, Coughs on Employee

A Nashville business owner is accusing a bachelorette party of openly defying his restaurant's COVID-19 regulations and coughing on an employee during an argument.

Mikey Corona, who co-owns The Mockingbird in the Gulch, posted pictures of the party and a detailed description of the incident.

The party was confronted for putting multiple tables together, a clear violation of the restaurant's Phase 2 restrictions. When asked not to do so, the party stormed out - not wearing masks - and argued with other restaurant patrons on their way out. According to the Facebook post, one of the girls even turned and coughed on one of the employees on their way out.

Regardless of how you feel about the COVID restrictions, can we all agree to just not be a jerk? Everyone is doing their best to navigate federal regulations, state health department protocols, and personal safety. Be respectful and we'll get through this a whole lot easier!

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