Should You Freeze Your Sheets Every Night?

We all love cool bedsheets and pillows...but maybe this isn't the most effective way to get them?

A new viral trend has people sticking their sheets in the freezer for 30 minutes each night before bedtime. Defendants of this absolutely insane tactic say they sleep better because the sheets are nice and cool, which relaxes you before bedtime.

But experts warn that this actually might not be a great idea. First of all, the cool sensation doesn't last long. But more importantly, it might make your sheets wet because they trap moisture from the freezer.

Also, the whole process sounds insane and your friends may worry about you.

James Wilson, "The Sleep Geek", posted an Instagram with some better ideas about how to keep cool on hot summer nights.

Obviously, sleeping with a fan is a good idea, but as an alternative you can have a lukewarm bath or shower right before bedtime, or put lukewarm water in a hot water bottle and rest the soles of your feet on it. That process raises your core temperature just a little bit, which over time will lead to a drop in core temperature and your body falling asleep more easily.

But, I guess if you really want to try frozen bedsheets, let us know how it goes and I'll just silently judge you from a corner.

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