YouTuber Jake Paul's Home Raided By FBI, Guns Confiscated

Controversial YouTube star Jake Paul had his Calabasas, CA home raided by a SWAT Team and the FBI just a few hours ago, based on a search warrant issued by the federal government. There's no indication as to what authorities were looking for, but the scene is pretty wild, with armored trucks full of agents in tactical gear.

A TMZ report does indicate some people being arrested, but it does not appear that Jake Paul is one of the ones that was cuffed. His attorney, Richard Schonfield, told TMZ "We understand that a search warrant was executed at Jake's Calabasas home this morning while Jake was out-of-state. We are still gathering information and will cooperate with the investigation".

While there are a number of rumors about the reasons for the warrant, no charges have been filed at this time. But there was clearly an arsenal of weapons at the mansion, as indicated by several shots from local media.

Needless to say the star- who has faced a ton of criticism for problematic viral videos, criminal trespassing, and his just-for-show marriage to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau a few months ago - doesn't have a ton of support on social media today.

There is chatter that there may be a drugs or even a pornography suspicion behind the search warrant, but no authorities have divulged any information at this time. Follow along the TMZ thread on the radio here

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