New App Lets You "Shazam" Spiders To See If They'll Kill You

Have you ever run across something in your house - a spider, a bug, or even a snake - and you just weren't sure what it was and/or if you should burn your house to the ground?

Well, lucky for you, the Australian national science agency (CSIRO) has created Critterpedia...basically, Shazam for bugs.

Getty Images/picture alliance

That's right, instead of furiously Googling whether or not that spider in the corner can kill you, this app will allow you to take a picture of the fierce beast. From there, it's AI and geolocation abilities will be able to tell you what it is, where it comes from, and whether or not you should vacate the premises immediately.

It's in beta testing right now, and you can sign up on their website for "first access". In theory, it'll work for all sorts of animals, including snakes and all kinds of insects.

At first, it'll be largely focused on species native to Australia, but I imagine this will take off quickly and become a worldwide phenomenon.

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