Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer Is Coming To Tennessee!

2020 has either been the longest or the shortest year ever, depending on what your perspective is. But in a year where we've all been short on things to be excited about, you can at least look forward to PUMPKIN SEASON. It's here, and seems to be starting earlier than ever. And while I don't love a lot of pumpkin stuff (pumpkin cereal and pumpkin spice latte are no-gos for me), this is something I can get behind.

Pumpkin Spice HARD SELTZER is about to get rolled out, and Tennessee will be one of the first states to get it!

A company called Vive made the announcement that their pumpkin spice-flavored seltzer is hitting shelves in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee sometime in mid-September.

This actually sounds really good. I DO love pumpkin beer, and this will no doubt be a litlte lighter and less filling than that. I'm in.

No word on an actual release date, but we've all got nothing but time on our hands anyway, right?

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