This Dude on TikTok Found A Way To Get Free Food Every Single Day

Every year on your birthday, you get inundated with offers and freebies from basically anywhere with a mailing list you've signed up for, right?

Restaurants, clothiers, coffee shops - you name it, you've probably gotten a birthday offer from them. But what if it could be your birthday SOMEWHERE - every single day?

That's what a dude on TikTok named Noah Wille has figured out.

Basically, Noah did a ton of research, found out which restaurants serve up free food for birthdays, and then went to each of their websites and registered for mailing lists, loyalty programs, etc. with a different birthday for each one.

So, SOMEWHERE it's Noah's birthday every single day....365 days a year.

Is it ethical? Nope. Is it illegal? Nope. Does he get a lot of free food? Yep, and for that I admire the creativity.

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