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This Viral TikTok Shows Why Teachers Are The Real Superheroes

A kindergarten teacher in Washington named Mackenzie is going viral for a TikTok showing the lengths she goes to in order to keep her students engaged in a virtual learning setting.

She took the video on her phone just to see for herself how her energy was while teaching. Once she posted it on TikTok, people gained a whole new appreciation for how difficult her job is (and all the teachers out there).

The 24-year old, @kenziiewenz on TikTok, shows her constant stream of enthusiasm as she tries to get 5- and 6-year olds to stay interested and engaged with the lesson plan.

Can you imagine having to be THAT animated and happy looking at a computer screen all day!?! And even having the little card to show students how to turn their microphones on...DEDICATION.

The video has been viewed almost 10 million times.

Since the response has been so positive and shone a light on teaching in a pandemic, Mackenzie has started posting more of her lessons.

"Show me your turtle neck if it does!"

If it helps people understand how underappreciated teachers are, keep it up Kenzie!

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