Miley Cyrus Talks 'Midnight Sky', Mental Health, Hannah Montana and more

Miley Cyrus, even in the middle of a pandemic, stays busy. She released a new single "Midnight Sky" which is already approaching Top 10 on the pop chart. She's recorded and almost finished her next studio album, She Is Miley Cyrus. She performed on our virtual iHeartRadio Music Festival just a few weeks ago, and is set for MTV Unplugged and YouTube's "Save Our Stages" Festival benefitting the National Independent Venue Alliance (NIVA).

But she still takes time to check in with her hometown - in fact, just last week she was in Nashville visiting her family's farm for a few days.

I got a chance to do an exclusive 1-on-1 Zoom with her, where we of course talked about "Midnight Sky", the small venues she grew up around in Nashville, but also how to deal with mental health in 2020, the importance of voting, and yes.....even the possibility of a Hannah Montana reboot.

Bonus: she got spooked by a fly about halfway through the interview and handled it in the most beautifully Miley way possible.

Check out the entire interview below!

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